Aesthetic Treatment Prices - Microdermabrasion, Massages, Waxing & Much More

C'esta Facial - Encourages collagen production, repairs free- radical damage, and enhances facial tone. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, supple, more firm, lifted and contoured.

Age Intervention Facial – We will address the appearance of aging skin changes by targeting hormonal levels plus changes associated with cumulative sun exposure.  Revitalizes and restores the appearance of youthful suppleness and elasticity, and boosts your skin’s ability to repair damage.

Factor A Facial - A more advanced resurfacing treatment, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, fades the appearance of discoloration to even skin tone, and assists in resolving acne.

Enzyme Facial - Green Papaya Enzyme is a great gentle way of exfoliating the skin, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. See immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity, with skin appearing smoother and diminish the size of pores.

Any Single Facial - $70        Package of 4 - $250       Package of 8 - $500


Glycolic Chemical Peel - Thoroughly exfoliates the skin's layers of dead skin cells, which will continue to flake off for up to 72 hours after treatment. Provides a rapidly accelerated rate of healthy skin cell regeneration for a seven-day period following exfoliation, helping to lift hyperpigmentation (age spots), acne scarring, actinic keratosis, wrinkles, and reduces pore diameter.

Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel - Thoroughly exfoliates the skin's layers of dead skin cells, which will continue to flake off for up to 72 hours after treatment. Acne scarring and more severe cases of uneven texture will lift as damaged skin is exfoliated and gradually replaced with healthy new skin. Salicylic acid's comedolytic properties will drain clogged pores and neutralize acne infections, preventing additional scar tissue from developing around infected pores.

Any Single Chemical Peel - $65        Package of 4 - $230        Package of 8 - $460


Microdermabrasion - Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Gently wear away the roughness of the skin's outermost layer where all the used-up skin cells, sun-damaged areas, and blemishes lie; and clear out your pores.

Single Microdermabrasion - $65        Package of 4 - $230        Package of 8 - $460


Combination Packages – Combine a Microdermabrasion with a Chemical Peel for ultimate exfoliation. Enjoy the benefits of a Microdermabrasion plus a Chemical Peel in one sitting.

Single Combination - $120                Package of 4 - $440       Package of 8 - $880   


Light Therapy - Enjoy skin rejuvenation with light therapy. Light therapy has been proven to have collagen-stimulating effects and other restorative properties, generating soft and radiant skin.        $20


Paraffin - Paraffin treatments are an excellent add-on to any facial. This special paraffin mask is applied over the face to seal in anti-aging products and help add hydration to dry skins such as the hands or elbows.  Paraffin aids in absorption of products and gives a radiant glow to the skin post treatment. 

Paraffin Mask with Facial $15        Hand Treatment $12        Elbow Treatment $8


Teamine - Formulated to work through multiple pathways, Teamine visibly diminishes dark under eye circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness around eyes, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.        $70


Latisse - Prescription liquid solution used to treat thin eyelashes. Latisse grows eyelashes making them longer, thicker, and darker.        $115


Customized Massage –

60 Minute Massage - $65        90 Minute Massage - $85


Waxing – Full line of waxing services. Show off your absolute best smooth skin.

Full Face - $40      Brow - $15        Lip - $15      Chin - $15

Bikini - $28            Brazini - $43      Brazilian – starts at $50

Half Legs - $40     Full Legs - $60

Arms - $40             Underarms - $32

Back - $42             Small of Back - $32


Jan Marini Products – We will customize your skin care regimen for a more beautiful you.

Daily Face Protectant - $29      Teen Clean Kit - $62                                                  

Transformation Face Cream - $89


Bioglycolic Products

Face Cleanser - $29      Body Scrub - $37     

Oily Skin Cleansing Gel -$29      Bio-Clear Face Lotion - $58


C-Esta Products

Face Serum - $90      Face Cream - $90      Cleaning Gel - $29     

Serum Oil Control - $90


Age Intervention Products

Face Serum - $89      Prime - $75      Eye Cream - $64      Face Cream - $89

Duality - $90      Duality MD - $95      Peptide Extreme - $89