Life can take its toll on your body, from the effects of weight gain and loss, pregnancy, or even the natural aging process. While problems associated with loose or excess skin can affect your self-esteem, body contouring with cosmetic plastic surgery helps to alleviate troublesome problems and allow patients to feel comfortable and confident. At Plastic Surgery Center, P.C., we offer body contouring surgery in South Bend, IN to help patients achieve flattering new figures.

The Benefits of Body Sculpting with Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Body contouring treatments are diverse in their ability to help patients correct problems that can make them feel uncomfortable in certain clothing or have a negative effect on self-image. Dr. Zucker’s cosmetic body treatments can help to:

• Remove loose skin
• Tighten lax muscles
• Lift sagging skin
• Contour Areas of Fat Accumulation

With body sculpting surgery at Plastic Surgery Center, P.C., patients see improvements in proportions, leading to a body shape that better fits their natural figure.

Body Sculpting Treatments in South Bend

Dr. Zucker offers the following suite of body sculpting plastic surgery treatments to help you achieve the new and improved figure you deserve:

SAFELipo®- This innovative liposuction procedure offers liposuction without heat, so patients do not experience the drawbacks of fat removal that utilizes ultrasound or lasers, such as contour and pigment irregularities. SAFELipo is an effective treatment that removes fat cells through separation and actively breaks up fat with a powered, non-heated tube. The final part of treatment involves equalization, where the remainder of fat cells is dispersed to provide better contouring. SAFELipois ideal for arm lifts and contouring hips and thighs.  Dr. Zucker is one of the few practitioners in his area who are trained in this effective treatment for stubborn fat build up.

Tummy Tucks – If you have excess skin on your abdomen from significant weight loss or aging, a tummy tuck can help to firm and smooth your midsection. Our tummy tuck treatments are frequently paired with SAFELipo to contour areas surrounding the midsection and produce particularly striking results.

Mommy Makeover – A mommy makeover is a series of procedures that helps to correct post-pregnancy issues, which include loose skin and deflated breast volume. The most common combination of procedures for mommy makeovers with Dr. Zucker include tummy tuck and circumferential  SAFELipo, which offers the ability to turn patients aide to side, to target the hip area, bra creases, belly, tighten muscle, trim excess skin, and re-do the belly button. Our South Bend mommy makeovers can correct post pregnancy body changes in one operation.

Breasts Lifts and Reduction –  Whether you are concerned about drooping breasts or uncomfortable breast size, Dr. Zucker can help you achieve your preferred breast size, position, and shape.  Before treatment, we ask what characteristics concern you about your appearance: are breasts physically uncomfortable? Do you feel good in clothing? Do you have problems with skin friction? How you would like to see yourself? In many cases, Dr. Zucker can provide more comprehensive breast enhancement with both a lift and an increase in cup size with implants. 

Arm Lift –  If you have extra fat on your upper arms, or if you have loose skin in the region as the result of weight loss, an arm lift can include both excess skin removal and SAFELipo to produce slimmed and firmed upper arms.

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Our South Bend cosmetic body surgical procedures help sculpt the body shape you’ve always wanted by eliminating bothersome fat deposits or loose skin. To schedule your consultation for liposuction, mommy makeover, or cosmetic breast surgery, contact Plastic Surgery Center of South Bend today for your consultation.