Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in South Bend - Saline & Silicone Implants

Breast size is an issue that can affect your confidence, from how you feel in clothing,  to your comfort with your body in front of others. If you’ve always wanted to increase your cup size, breast augmentation with implants can provide the results you’re looking for. Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most common surgical enhancement procedures sought out by women and is safe and effective. At Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Stephen Zucker can help you see the results you’re looking for with breast implants in South Bend, IN.

Selecting the Right Breast Augmentation Treatment

Before creating your treatment plan, Dr. Zucker examines each patient and takes time to learn about their medical history and to recommend the method of augmentation that will provide best results. At Plastic Surgery Center of South Bend, we believe that a breast implant should be fitted to the patient’s own anatomy to look and feel as natural as possible. Dr. Zucker and his team respect our patients’ wishes and form fit implants to your individual shape.

Our breast augmentation exams include using samples placed in bra cups so patients get a realistic, hands-on idea of what to expect from treatment.  Patients can try these samples in front of a full length mirror full length mirror to help visualize final outcomes.  Our exams allow patients to more accurately get an idea of what their new shape will look like in relation to the rest of their figure, as opposed to what computer generated images could provide.  Dr. Zucker’s exams are personalized and allow patients to better understand their treatment plan.

Breast Implant Surgery in South Bend, IN

Our breast augmentation services include the following implant options:

Saline Breast Implants – This variety of implant is filled with salt water solution and is placed while empty. After placement, the implant shell is filled to the appropriate volume with this solution to achieve desired appearance.

Silicone Implants – Silicone breast implants are inserted while filled and contain a thicker substance that many patients report naturally mimic the appearance of real breast tissue.

Dr. Zucker focuses on providing natural looking results, regardless of which implant type you choose. Both of our implants options are FDA approved to be safe for use in augmenting breast size. During cosmetic breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Zucker creates an incision under the breast – a method which helps limit complications and promotes best results.  Surgery is an out-patient process that typically only takes an hour and a half. When your treatment is complete, you can return home to rest. Dr. Zucker recommends limited activity for two weeks, with a return to athletic activity by six weeks.

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Our South Bend breast implants come with a high rate of patient satisfaction and can help you enjoy the fuller figure you’ve always wanted. For more information, please contact our cosmetic plastic surgery clinic for your consultation.