Comfortable Body Contouring in South Bend, IN

Liposuction is a cornerstone of any plastic surgeon’s range of services, but Dr. Stephen Zucker uses the latest technology to deliver above-standard care. What sets our surgeon apart is the tool he uses to better ensure a comfortable, beneficial procedure. Plastic Surgery Center, P.C. offers SAFELipo® in South Bend and to all surrounding Indiana and Michigan communities.

What is SAFELipo?

Liposuction is a procedure that involves the breakdown and removal of unwanted, excessive fat tissue from the body. While this treatment concept is safe and comfortable in general, common problems with the tools used for the procedure are heat and timeliness. The vacuuming device used to suction out the loose fat deposits could generate heat. Additionally, under traditional methods, the doctor would have to cycle through a variety of single-purpose tools throughout the procedure, extending the length of the treatment for the patient. Traditional liposuction tools do not support the most positive overall experience for the patient.

SAFELipo is the tool that makes liposuction far better for the patient.

SAFELipo is a device that combines the functions of various tools into one, making the liposuction treatment process more efficient for Dr. Zucker to perform. This technology also does not heat up as much as traditional vacuuming instruments, making the healing process much more efficient after removal of the fat tissue.

Why Is Heat an Issue?

The heat generated by a traditional liposuction tool is not allowed to pose a threat to the health of a patient. Still, any heat introduced to this treatment process causes complications.

A hot vacuuming tool can damage the blood vessels near the site of fat deposit extraction. Your body will not heal as quickly when blood flow is restricted in this manner. Additionally, heat can mildly burn the other tissue at the site of suction, increasing the likelihood that the procedure will cause scarring and could increase the visibility of those marks.

By using SAFELipo, Dr. Zucker minimizes heat exposure and helps you have both a more cosmetically beneficial treatment and a comfortable healing period.

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Plastic Surgery Center, P.C. provides SAFELipo in South Bend, where we serve patients from both Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. We are happy to help you look and feel your best by using the most advanced surgical technology. For more information about our liposuction services, call our practice today and schedule a consultation.